By: S. Davis

Do you still think of me?

There are dreams where you’re speaking

I’m not sure if the conversation includes me

But I can hear your voice – and it haunts my soul


Dreadful decisions yield predictable outcomes

In my dreams you are smiling

And laughing

I miss that…I miss you


Healing doesn’t always present itself as seasons accumulate

Often times it is true

But there are circumstances – and pain that remains for far longer

This is one


I would reach for you at night

I would hope to see your number illuminate my phone

Or see you in front of my apartment

Those thoughts no longer consume me


You still exist to me

The end was so unfortunate

Because the beginning was so promising



Past tense

That’s what we’re both left with

Your life. My life.



Our roads will never intersect

I’m certain of that

The concept of future



Love existed

Where dust now resides

I am searching

How do I find a way to you?


If I ever enter your brain

You have to know

That I loved you so

I love you so



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