NFL: Super Bowl Aftermath

By: Shawn Davis

Just look at the jubilation on the faces of adult men! Winning brings them all back to their childhood; great.

Now that the lights are operating once more inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and Ray Lewis has stopped preaching about God’s influence on a meaningless game…let’s discuss how meaningful the game actually was. I wanted to let everyone else review the finer points of the contest  – to the point of nausea – so all I had to do here is put a couple of paragraphs together and ride off into the sunset. You understand what’s happening here, right? You got it! I’m mailing this one in, baby. Why? Because New York City is about to be under a pile of snow and I just want to sip on hot chocolate and talk about my feelings. (That’s a different subject altogether.)

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens on earning their Super Bowl title!

Shame on the San Francisco 49ers’ pass defense for picking a great day to play like rookies. It was only THE biggest game…one in which there are never assurances players will ever get a second chance at. Ask Dan Marino if he thought he’d only play in one for his entire career. Yes, the 49ers offense took the first half off and they were aided by a very helpful second intermission (The conspiracy theorist in me believes Roger Goodell sent one of his cronies to “take care of things” because the game was headed for a 45-12 final.) but if their defense held two of their touchdown drives to a field goals…well, you see where this is headed. The special teams didn’t help, the offense was non-threatening early but the responsibility of the loss should weigh the heaviest on the defensive side of the ball.

Is Ray Lewis really retiring? I’ve thought long – not really, I’m embellishing here – about whether he’s going to dance his way out of the pads for good. His legacy is a complex one and he was the main reason I completely shut myself off from any Super Bowl coverage leading up to the game. I was certain that anytime a microphone was placed in his face or he saw a camera it was going to be time for him to exalt…himself. Being critical of the guy does not make me a “hater” as I do think he has done some good work mentoring troubled youth and so forth but he did plead guilty to an obstruction of justice charge in relation to a double-murder investigation back in 2000; that cannot be swept under the rug.

Joe Flacco is going to get paaaaaaaaaaaid! Can you imagine a better time to enter unrestricted free-agency than after you complete a playoff run that included 11 touchdowns, ZERO interceptions, road victories over Peyton Manning (ugh) and Tom Brady, a Super Bowl victory and MVP honors?

How is Alex Smith feeling? It seemed like there was a moment that he might see game action, which I thought was crazy, and now his 49er career has – almost certainly – come to an end. What’s Colin Kaepernick’s mindset entering the off-season as one of the unquestioned leaders on the team? He’s going to begin working out with some of his teammates next week. News like that has to make the whole organization giddy with anticipation because he seems to have his priorities in order.

What about Ed Reed? It’s great to see one of the best players of all-time get a championship before his career came to a close. He was drafted two years after the Ravens won in 2000, so although I picked the 49ers to win, I’m glad he got a title.

I want to wish one of my favorite players, Donald Driver, a happy life and blissful retirement from football. He was a great player but I believe he’s a better person.

There is an estimate of two-to-three feet of snow hitting this section of the Northeast this evening and there isn’t anyone in the NFL offices who wants to rethink next year’s Super Bowl that’s taking place in New Jersey?

I want to say thank you to anyone who read, “liked”, followed, commented or even disliked what I’ve written here over this great season of football (or any time for that matter). I’m not for everyone but I’m honest about my passion for the sport and I hope that permeates throughout the content published here. As we enter a huge block of time without the greatest game, in my opinion, to dull our brains, take the time to value those in your life and actually tell them that you do. Help those less fortunate – if you can – and be the example that you’d want your younger family members to follow. Take vacations, read, get married (or divorced), practice safe-sex and smile. By the slightest chance this column is read by ANYONE that lives in walking or driving distance of a Chick-fil-A, two things:

1. Eat a classic Chick-fil-A sandwich (with honey mustard) and a spicy chicken deluxe (with buttermilk ranch) along with a medium lemonade…and think of me with at least one bite!

2. Help me get one of those in NYC; PLEEEEEEEASE! If it’s good enough to have locations in California, why not come to NYC? There’s one that I frequent in downtown Los Angeles when I’m there so until life takes me back there, I’m screwed. I know there’s a small, cult-like and borderline mythical, location in the NYU food court but IT IS NOT THE SAME. Trust me, when those sandwiches bathe under those unforgiving light bulbs the consistency of the chicken becomes chewy upon biting into it.

I’m not going to address the religious beliefs or politics of the board members at Chick-fil-A but Los Angeles is just as sketchy as NYC and yet they have their own branch? Give us one! I’m sad now and I just started pouting.

3. I know I said “two things” above but who really paid attention to that? If anyone of you are trustworthy enough to buy an original and a spicy deluxe and wish to mail it to a certain writer, without poisoning him, I think he might even accept the package. I’m on Twitter (hit the button above) and let me know something, ANYTHING, about those delectable pieces of chicken heaven or email me (contact information on the About page).

There will be more postings of poetry here, along with my ramblings, some pieces on basketball once the NBA playoffs begin, ramblings, probably some MMA coverage, a pro wrestling piece, possibly another three-act play that’s been kicking around in this mind of mine’s, ramblings, and probably a journal or two about stepping back into the acting world again. Most likely I won’t have time to post twice a week, but we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully, my career blossoms and that pulls me away for a bit, but I’ll always find time to write if I have an audience that cares.

Be safe and enjoy the upcoming months without football, I know I won’t. By the way, I was just kidding about the care package of chicken I would love to receive. I think. I’m confused now.


Super Bowl: 0-1

Playoffs: 7-4

Regular Season: 164-92


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