NFL: Week 13

By: Shawn Davis

Hail the Washington Redskins! Can we give them the Super Bowl victory already? Jeez. I was impressed they beat the champs 17-16 but can everyone calm down just a bit? The Giants are just lowering expectations; don’t fall for it.

Washington did the one thing that almost all other teams fail at, miserably (ask Bill Belichick and Tom Brady if you don’t trust me): They made it their mandate to get the final possession and run the clock to complete zeroes. For a young team, well, one that’s lead by a rookie quarterback it was a cool thing to witness. Griffin extended plays the entire game, took a few vicious hits, but played beyond his years to ensure his team will have an interesting final month of the regular season.

Once more, fans of the Giants: Get off the ledge, things are going to be ok.

PHI 33 @ DAL 38: The Philadelphia Eagles dropped their eighth straight game on Sunday evening and Andy Reid just looks like he needs a season off. I’m not being sarcastic at all; I just feel that he needs to get off the sidelines for a season or two.

Secondly, the Cowboys are 6-6 and have expectations again. Yeah, ok.

NO 13 @ ATL 23: The Falcons made Drew Brees look like he took his first few snaps as an NFL quarterback by baiting him into FIVE interceptions. As this game was unfolding I was sure the Saints would find a way to win this contest, but Atlanta closed the door (and probably the season) against a team that’s been their nemesis.

PIT 23 @ BAL 20: Batch, Charlie Batch. My eyes must be failing me but is it true that the Ravens didn’t give the ball to Ray Rice in the fourth quarter? Like, at all? Was it an April Fools gag?

No…my vision is fine and Cam Cameron – and John Harbaugh should be blasted for keeping the game in the “elite” hands of Joe Flacco. The Ravens remind me of a Twilight Zone version of the Chargers in that they play like fools…but end up winning most of the time. It’s hard to gauge what I’m seeing when I watch them.

JAC 18 @ BUF 34: The great fans in Buffalo, New York really get pumped for their Bills. It’s too bad they haven’t had any success recently to match their fans’ intensity and energy. Ryan Fitzpatrick had a breezy day at the office with an efficient performance by going 9-for-17 with 112 yards and 2 TD/1 INT while watching his ground game take control. Fred Jackson had 109 yards on 25 carries and C.J. Spiller contributed 77 yards on 14 carries along with a touchdown to cruise in this one.

Chad Henne; what happened?

Moving on…

SEA 23 @ CHI 17 (OT): Russell Wilson doesn’t receive anywhere close to the amount of attention that fellow classmates, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin get daily, but he’s having a season on-par with theirs.

IND 35 @ DET 33: Just when I needed a team to blow another 4th-quarter lead (the fourth time they’ve done it this season, I believe)…the Lions oblige. Andrew Luck was not spectacular yesterday – ignore the loud mouths on television – but I admired how he rallied his team back to steal a victory when it looked as if they’d be sad on the plane ride back home.

Detroit is sitting wonderfully at 4-8 when they could easily be 7-5 if they could have held on to their leads in the final frame in EACH of the last three home games. Good times!

MIN 14 @ GB 23: Tell me what type effort it takes to produce 220 yards of offense (210 rushing; 10 receiving), average 10 yards per carry, have an 82-yard touchdown run, yet leave the field with a loss? This is Adrian Peterson’s reality.

HOU 24 @ TEN 10: The Texans officially received their invite to the annual postseason festivities.

CAR 21 @ KC 27: The Chiefs played a complete game for four full quarters (finally) to get themselves in the win column again. Brady Quinn put together the best afternoon of his professional career by passing 19-of-23 for 201 yards and 2 touchdowns to quiet the boo-birds for one week, at least. Is it enough for him to walk into next year as the unchallenged starter? No.

Cam Newton had a great day on the field as well with 232 yards and three passing touchdowns. He cannot play defense so his play continues to trend upwards as their season wraps. The Panthers have a lot of shortcomings, specifically in the secondary and the lack of receiving options outside of Steve Smith, but Newton is a positive on the pros-and-cons list – and the front-office needs to build the roster with that in mind.

SF 13 @ STL 16 (OT): Don’t lie, how many of you thought these teams were going to play to another draw? I did – and I was completely fascinated by the mere chance that it could take place. I mean, yeah, the last time that happened was back in 1963 between the Steelers and Eagles but who’s counting?

NE 23 @ MIA 16: AFC East clinched! For the life of me I cannot understand why the Dolphins do not consistently put the ball in the hands of Reggie Bush. No, I’m not a fantasy owner either. He’s the only weapon that opposing teams have to plan against, yet the play-calling goes away from him.

TB 23 @ DEN 31: AFC West…and NFC South clinched (for the Falcons) due to Peyton Manning.

CLE 20 @ OAK 17: I’ve never warmed to the “good-bad team” label but if there’s a team that can wear that sweater it just has to be the Cleveland Browns. They find themselves competing in most games but they ultimately fall short in the end because of inexperience.

CIN 20 @ SD 13: You know how every season there are a handful of games featuring clubs (seemingly) headed for the playoffs that turn around and lay a few eggs to teams they should handle? That was totally in play for this contest – and I’m glad the Bengals took another step in their ascension by closing a tough one out on the road.

Is Phillip Rivers in a two-year funk or is he done as a top-tier quarterback? Where is the rest of his career headed? He committed two crushing turnovers in the final four minutes which sealed it. Is he done?

ARI 6 @ NYJ 7: This game – and final score – happened! Like, in real life and everything. After three horrendous interceptions by Mark Sanchez, Rex Ryan inserted Greg McElroy to give the Jets some sort of pulse and he led them to a victory. I’m glad he got an opportunity and since it seems inevitable that Sanchez will have to ply his trade elsewhere, McElroy should get himself ample playing time. It’s not like he’d be interrupting something.

Can someone please get the Cardinals a quarterback or make a trade for Larry Fitzgerald? His talent is being wasted.


2 thoughts on “NFL: Week 13

  1. MQ December 5, 2012 / 1:15 am

    The Giants, in their two most recent Super Bowl runs, were the masters of the “must-win” game. On the road, in the playoffs, in bad weather.. didn’t matter. Both of those Giants teams though, as well as this years team, were inexplicably incapable of winning extremely important regular season games that weren’t necessarily MUST have. It’s as interesting as it is maddening.

    • sthewriter December 5, 2012 / 2:09 am

      It’s part of their plan. They want to get everyone off their scent…by losing selectively.

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