NFL: Week 13 Picks

By: Shawn Davis

So for the second consecutive start after missing a game due to a concussion, Alex Smith has to watch Colin Kaepernick lead the San Francisco 49ers. Smith, in my opinion, didn’t warrant losing his position but Jim Harbaugh wants the kid he drafted…and so it shall be. A very real repercussion of this whole ordeal could see players who sustain concussions, in-game, try to shake off the cobwebs and avoid taking the test that determines whether they can continue to play. I think a can of worms has been opened and it smells.

Let’s start:

NO 24 @ ATL 17: The Saints are 11-2 against Atlanta since signing Drew Brees. Can the Saints do it again? I’m not too sure but I like making picks that aren’t chalk.

JAC 17 @ BUF 16: Chad Henne, yup.

SEA 14 @ CHI 24: The Bears.

IND 21 @ DET 31: The Lions are itching to get back on the field after losing out on that terrible touchdown ruling – and I see Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford making up for it.

MIN 13 @ GB 27: After the beating they took at the hands of the Giants last week, I believe the Packers have something in store for the visitors.

HOU 24 @ TEN 17: I think the Titans put up a fight but the Texans are playing on another level for me to pick against them right now.

CAR 30 @ KC 10: Cam Newton and the Panthers get to put some good games together as they build towards next season’s playoff picture.

SF 21 @ STL 20: No tie this time.

NE 24 @ MIA 20: For some reason I stared at this game for a good three minutes before letting sanity take over. I’ll take the Patriots, but I don’t see a blowout.

ARI 9 @ NYJ 17: I guess.

TB 20 @ DEN 23: The Broncos have a four-game cushion in the AFC West so they could drop this game, right? The Buccaneers are desperate to get into the NFC wild-card dance and they need this contest more than the home team does. I think Von Miller has something to say about my first question.

CLE 20 @ OAK 17: The Raiders issues far outweigh Carson Palmer so I like the Browns.

CIN 21 @ SD 17: Put them out of their misery, Bengals. These are the types of teams you need to put away to take the next step. Do it!

PIT 13 @ BAL 20: I hate to pick the Ravens because they’re so helter-skelter but Ben Roethlisberger will not be healthy enough for this one.

PHI 13 @ DAL 24: The Cowboys find a way to get the national media attention…again.

NYG 27 @ WSH 21: On the road in December? I’m taking the champs.


Last Week: 10-6

Season: 117-59


One thought on “NFL: Week 13 Picks

  1. MQ November 30, 2012 / 5:39 pm

    a W for the Gmen over the ‘Skins locks up the NFC East. Giants are really fortunate the Eagles and Cowboys are such a mess this year.

    S. – I’m in a fantasy football bind this week. I have to choose between playing Hakeem Nicks or Marshawn Lynch in a flex position. Normally I’d always go with the RB hands down, but I do expect Nicks to go off this week. Still, I think I’m leaning Lynch. Thoughts?

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