NFL: Week 12 Picks

By: Shawn Davis

Before I stuff myself on baked penne, turkey, empanadas, rice and beans, sweet corn, apple pie and ice cream I wanted to get this edition out. If I don’t do it now I won’t be able to brag about going 12-2 last week. (Man, I said I wasn’t going to make a big deal about winning so many games…oh well.)

I made it clear since the dawn of the season that Thursday night games are a farce – and they spit in the face of player safety, but I will be in front of the television with my food while those crazy Black Friday shoppers shiver on congested lines, fighting for deals they can easily find at online retailers. Did I reveal sacred information? I don’t get people who want to shop when Thanksgiving dinner is still warm. Are they not aware of the mayhem that’s sure to ensue?

(I need to regain control of this before I go on another tangent. Am I in the middle of one already? It sure does feel that way. Penne! Turkey! Empanadas!)

Right to it then with the games that will be contested once the food coma begins:

HOU 38 @ DET 27: I’m just hoping this game has a lot of touchdowns and explosive plays. Will the Texans have a letdown after the fight they got from the Jaguars on Sunday? Wouldn’t it make sense to have the four teams emerging from their off-week play the Thursday schedule? Of course not! That’s far too simple for the NFL officials. Will the Lions believe they can resuscitate their dead playoff hopes? All I know is that I want to watch long touchdown runs…and the Detroit defense is primed to make that a reality for me.

WSH 21 @ DAL 17: The Redskins are 4-6 while the Cowboys are 5-5; I have no clue why I even wrote that. Both of these teams have taken the bait that the Giants are in the middle of their annual second-half dive – and they have a chance to compete in the NFC East. Eli Manning and Justin Tuck will be laughing at whoever emerges victorious from this one.

NE 34 @ NYJ 21: I don’t have any reason to go with the Jets.

Here’s the rest of the schedule that will be televised as I’m eating empanadas and turkey sandwiches:

MINN 20 @ CHI 17: The Bears defense is reeling as the cyborg comes into town; his human identification tag: Adrian Peterson.

OAK 21 @ CIN 30: Carson Palmer Returns. Will it be as cool as Batman Returns? (It’s just my favorite Bat-film in the series, by the way.) No, I think it will be putrid and it will induce sleep like Batman & Robin did to my boy, Brian.

PITT 17 @ CLE 14: I was going to take the Browns but the Steelers can’t afford to drop this game because they visit Baltimore next week for another bloodbath. I even like Plaxico Burress to get a touchdown, I think.

BUF 20 @ IND 17: There’s no way to explain why I made this pick but I feel the Patriots beating last week will stay with the Colts for this one. As I type this I feel like a jerk because the Bills are terrible…and I’m taking them here.

DEN 27 @ KC 16: The Broncos are scaring me as the season progresses because SO MANY talking heads that were outright dismissing Peyton Manning are now gushing about him, filling up the bandwagon for an inevitable collapse; thus leading those same heads to flood our airwaves with their fake laughter and I-told-you-so’s. Tools! Am I overreacting here? Possibly, but I’m not as confident taking them in a weekly manner as I’ve been because I’m searching for reasons to dissect them.

SEA 17 @ MIA 20: Seattle has to fall to someone.

ATL 31 @ TB 38: The Buccaneers will not let the Falcons escape if they come into Florida wearing the stench they had last week versus the Cardinals.

TEN 13 @ JAC 24: Chad Henne, baby. Maybe.

BAL 17 @ SD 24: I like Phillip Rivers to throw a pick-six – he’s on such a roll with them that I want it to continue – but he’ll also throw three touchdowns to beat a Ravens team that’s dancing a bit too gleefully on their pedestal after (barely) beating the (Big Ben-less) Steelers last week (in a CLOOOOOSE game).

STL 21 @ ARI 9: The Cardinals defense and Larry Fitzgerald deserve a functional quarterback, they really do.

SF 13 @ NO 24: The two toughest picks for me to make this week were this game and the next. Alex Smith should be the starter but I feel if he gets the ball he’ll have a short leash and he’s done nothing to warrant that type of treatment. The world is in love with Colin Kaepernick, and that’s great, but he won’t look so impressive against a Saints team vying for a spot in a huge BCS game.

GB 30 @ NYG 31: This could go either way, seriously. The Giants love to poke their fans by losing in front of them while the Packers are rolling. It does concern me that the Packers are limited offensively; by that I mean they only beat you through the air, which is usually enough against other squads. I think the Giants send their fans home with glee.

CAR 27 @ PHI 13: I don’t even care about this Monday night tilt but Cam Newton should be good for three touchdowns here. Hey Cam, throw at Nnamdi Asomugha; he doesn’t cover anyone anymore.

Pull the food out of your mouth and tell those important to you that they matter – and not just because they brought you a plate. Happy Thanksgiving!


Last Week: 12-2

Season: 107-53


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