NFL: Week 11 Picks

By: Shawn Davis

I just happened to break even on my picks from last week so the gloating here will be subdued this week. Maybe. If the 49ers and Rams didn’t engage in The Game That Time Lost I would have done one game better than 7-7. (At least I think I would have.)

Time to make noise again! The gloating has returned. C’mon you all knew it was just under the surface. It’s time to rip off the bandages and get back to making some great (and insane) choices for the Week 11 slate. You ready?

Let’s go:

MIA 17 @ BUF 31: A once great rivalry is now an afterthought. I’ll take the Bills because they actually fought last week while Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin benched his team’s most dangerous offensive threat (Reggie Bush) for the game because of one fumble early in the contest…which led to a blowout.

ARI 17 @ ATL 38: Falcons.

CLE 20 @ DAL 34: I can easily see the Cowboys getting all of their fans – and the media – a VIP seat aboard their bandwagon and getting their asses handed to them in this game because that’s what they do. I hope Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson make me eat this pick.

GB 31 @ DET 28: The Lions will be desperate and will play as hard in this game as they have all year. What’s the remedy for a desperate team? Aaron Rodgers.

CIN 24 @ KC 17: The Chiefs impressed me by not getting taken apart by the Steelers last week…so I like them to lose by only a touchdown. That’s progress, right?

NYJ 9 @ STL 24: All the Jets do is talk and I’m surprised they’re not sick by the fumes going into their noses. I wish Mark Sanchez the best – Tim Tebow as well – and I really hope they get fresh starts in other cities. This is coming from someone born and raised in NYC.

PHI 13 @ WSH 27: I wish you the best of luck behind that offensive line, Nick Foles.

TB 31 @ CAR 24: Tampa is just too hot right now.

JAC 10 @ HOU 38: The Texans (a dome team) went to Soldier Field and beat the Bears in their element, looking confident the entire process. I don’t have anything to say about the Jaguars. (Even that was too much.)

NO 62 @ OAK 28: I just feel like being a jerk because the Raiders love giving up points; the Ravens scored 55 last week. The Saints get fooled into thinking they can play for a BCS berth with an impressive win so they don’t take their feet off the gas; they put both on the pedal…all day long.

SD 21 @ DEN 27: I’m officially scared of this game because everyone is kicking dirt on the Chargers while exulting at the altar of the Broncos. I’m going to get into the fetal position now.

IND 21 @ NE 31: This game is missing someone but I cannot figure out whom. Hmm…

BAL 16 @ PIT 17: I can see the Ravens sleeping at the wheel for this one, seriously. Byron Leftwich will start in place of Big Ben and he will be aided by a plethora of options on offense to aid him in a game that should really be played in the Roman Colosseum with the way bodies will be left all over the field. Who should I pick? I honestly feel Leftwich can do just enough to keep their defense honest and rely on his defense to take away the Ravens’ deep strikes, barely. Why not?

CHI 13 @ SF 20: Alex Smith has been cleared to start this game after last week’s concussion – and a decision on Jay Cutler’s availability (also recovering from a concussion) has yet to be determined so I like the home team by a touchdown. The Bears offense ebbs and flows, even with Cutler, too much for my liking.

Last Week: 7-7

Season: 95-51


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