NFL: Week 10 Picks

By: Shawn Davis

Over the last three weeks my record is 35-6 making these picks and I am feeling myself. Maybe I shouldn’t have written that last sentence because I’m not literally feeling myself. Okay this column is already getting away from me. About-face! Even though I went 12-2 last week I cannot boast to the heavens because in one of the two losses I actually took the Tennessee Titans to beat the Chicago Bears. (Don’t laugh. The other loss I took was on the Miami-Indianapolis game but I fully stand behind that because the Dolphins almost won.)

I have no idea what I was thinking but I tried to justify the Bears losing by looking forward to this week’s battle with the Houston Texans – and the Titans would stun them by one point. Excuse me for feeling like a dunce after I watched the final score of 51-20 crawl at the bottom of my screen in favor of Chicago. My bad.

This is Week 10 and I’m coming out firing to keep my torrid pace going. I might even watch tonight’s game…I might.

And we begin:

IND 17 @ JAC 20: Looking at the score – as I just wrote it – I could feel really dim-witted as the game progresses but I like the Jaguars to slow the momentum of the Colts (I cannot believe I typed that) and quiet the nauseating fawning over Andrew Luck. I’m a fan of the guy but when media heads are saying they would take him over “any other quarterback in the NFL” (not named Aaron Rodgers) that’s when I have to pick a team that I feel may get shutout tonight.

DET 24 @ MIN 17: I’m only giving the Lions a seven-point victory because Adrian Peterson is a cyborg. Can anyone prove to me that he’s not? That last year’s knee injury wasn’t an injury at all but a computer virus that shutdown the motherboard that operates the lower half of his metallic endoskeleton?

Christian Ponder went 11-for-22 for 63 yards in last week’s 30-20 loss at Seattle. He cannot have those numbers this week against a Lions team that’s trying to string some victories together and expect to stop the Vikings’ two-game losing streak.

NYG 24 @ CIN 20: The Giants lost last week; so what? They hate playing in front of their home fans anyway. The sky isn’t falling because they were beaten by a resurgent Steelers unit, so relax. Too bad for the Bengals: Peyton Manning last week, Eli Manning on Sunday.

ATL 27 @ NO 30: I’m almost certain that I’m going to be wrong on this but why not take a shot at it?

BUF 10 @ NE 41: Yup.

OAK 17 @ BAL 27: I want Carson Palmer to light these guys up but the Ravens will create a turnover (or three) and that will prove to be the difference.

SD 24 @ TB 34: Doug Martin pleases his new fantasy owners, while frustrating the Chargers, and Vincent Jackson reunites with their secondary.

TEN 17 @ MIA 23: I’m swimming with the Dolphins.

DEN 27 @ CAR 17: Peyton Manning is going to be a little sharper than he was last week against the Bengals and will provide the same result: a win.

NYJ 13 @ SEA 24: I could see Rex Ryan formulating a great defensive scheme versus the Seahawks but how are the Jets going to score? I’ll take the home team.

DAL 16 @ PHI 20: Both teams enter this game 3-5 and the loser can begin to put their vacation plans together, seriously. An already-heated division contest has season-ending implications for the team behind when time runs out. Where does this game turn? I’m picking with my eyes closed.

STL 13 @ SF 23: The Rams cannot play from behind; they’ll be doing that this entire contest.

HOU 20 @ CHI 21: This is tough! Will the Bears’ defense set the tone? Will the Texans control the pace with Arian Foster and Ben Tate? Will Charles Tillman force four more fumbles? What havoc will J.J. Watt create? This game could unfold in about five different ways but when teams are as evenly matched like these two seem to be, I have to lean (slightly) with the home squad. I can’t wait to watch this one on Sunday.

KC 12 @ PIT 38: The Steelers will beat the Chiefs all around the great state of Pennsylvania, much to Todd Haley’s delight.


Last Week: 12-2

Season: 88-44


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