Same Is Not Enough

By: S. Davis


Sometimes you want things to change

Yet, however, they remain the same

You need to escape, to fly or drive…to get away

To breathe, to ease the pain


A still-beating heart

Pulsating as it should

You cannot achieve all you want

And you’ve given all you could


Voices are louder

Screeching and irksome

Thoughts are grim

Haunting and morbid


Disenchantment in existence

In a journey for relevance

Eyes full of tears

Your world lacking benevolence


Scratching and fighting

Yet coming up short

With confidence vanishing

It’s effortless to discard hope


Wishing things to come to pass will never become visible

You have to yearn to achieve

You need your life to change

Because you cannot survive if it remains the same



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