NFL: Week 8 Picks

By: Shawn Davis

After going 4-10 in Week 6, I responded by going 12-1 in Week 7 with the Buffalo Bills killing any chance I had of having a perfect day, ugh! I’m going to be clear on these Thursday games once and for all: They get in the way of other programs I like to watch (viewing my tv and my laptop get cumbersome at times), they are a clear cash-grab, they’ve been, mostly, unwatchable…and I know the players hate them. Don’t believe me? A hefty majority of the veteran teams (or in this case…older) and seasoned players don’t feel the league cares about safety while trotting them out on a Thursday showcase.

“But now every team gets to play in the national spotlight in an evening game.” – Roger Goodell

I’m sorry but there are teams that don’t deserve to be televised on prime time television, hell…some shouldn’t have televised afternoon games.

The slate:

TB 21 @ MIN 17: Minnesota has to start dropping games, right? I think the Buccaneers get up early…while the Vikings chase them the entire way.

CAR 17 @ CHI 27: Everyone calling Cam Newton “overrated”, a “bum” and a “marginal talent” needs to calm it down. Seriously. For all the warts Newton has displayed (on-and-off-the-field) he’s having a bad sophomore season, not a get-rid-of-his-ass-and-blow-it-the-hell-up type of year. I don’t see that. Doesn’t anyone think that the league got tape of the guy after electrifying the league last year? Is it too much to think (I know it’s hard for you, media farts) that he caught some teams sleeping last year? Or that the NFL caught up to the kid this season – and he’ll bounce back the rest of this season? Or put in the work to improve for next year?

For everyone lamenting about how he hasn’t lived up to “expectations” this season, what about Matthew Stafford? Coming into this season leading a team – many picked to win the SUPER BOWL – he’s been terrible all year yet no one single person is calling to end his career; no one wants to relegate him to the bench. There has been not a single game this season (the Lions are 2-4) where Stafford has thrown a touchdown pass in the first THREE QUARTERS! Look it up.

Chicago? They continue to feast.

SD 20 @ CLE 17: I don’t trust the Chargers…at all, but I have a little more faith in them overall…I think.

SEA 24 @ DET 27: I’ll barely take the Lions…with Matthew Stafford getting hot in the fourth quarter.

JAC 13 @ GB 27: The Packers are hitting a nice, soft part of the schedule.

IND 17 @ TEN 20: Matt Hasselbeck makes the decision to insert Jake Locker back into the lineup difficult by schooling the top pick in the draft, by a field-goal.

NE 24 @ STL 17: In London! I like Tom Brady over the Rams.

MIA 17 @ NYJ 17: Yeah, you read that right! Ryan Tannehill has a little more help on offense and leads the Dolphins over the J-E-T-S by a field-goal, although I’m pulling for the tie.

ATL 27 @ PHI 30: I want the Falcons to beat the Eagles into submission and start the revolt in Philadelphia, yet I think Michael Vick has three more turnovers but finds a way to keep the local media off his back (for another week) by barely winning.

WSH 17 @ PIT 31: Robert Griffin, I’d like you to meet Ben Roethlisberger. Play nice.

OAK 17 @ KC 13: Maybe this should be a tie.

NYG 24 @ DAL 17: Are we sure Jerry Jones doesn’t secretly own a small percentage of the Giants? Big Blue plays better in Dallas than they do in Jersey; they’re unbeaten in Jones’ new toy.

NO 31 @ DEN 42: I have to take my Super Bowl pick here, although I’m apprehensive because the Saints are desperate.

SF 23 @ ARI 10: The slide continues for the Cardinals.

Last Week: 12-1

Season: 65-39


2 thoughts on “NFL: Week 8 Picks

  1. MQ October 25, 2012 / 9:06 pm

    CALM IT DOWN! Sophomore slump is common, Cam will be fine.

    Calvin Johnson is costing me in fantasy every week. Should’ve known better than to draft a Madden cover guy…

    • sthewriter October 28, 2012 / 4:16 pm

      You should know about drafting a Madden cover athlete. Oh, Mikey!

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