Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney: Steel Cage II

By: Shawn Davis

“Our combatants this evening, ladies and gentlemen.”

So we have President Barack Obama coming up all roses in the second death-match against opponent Mitt Romney. Great? I have no clue to be frank. Most of the talking heads, news reporters, and popular columnists – and least on the political left – are asking one major question: Why wasn’t Obama this stern and confident during the first debate?

It is one worth examining, isn’t it? What I find too often in Obama – for all his charisma – is that he can be timid at times, so much where it can be vomit inducing. The level of passivity he displayed was the very reason Romney looked so strong a candidate at night’s end, whereas the president looked flummoxed. The laughter Obama exhibited during some of the exchanges looked to be out-of-place, disingenuous and downright smug. So whatever winning a debate actually does, Romney clearly won.

Looking back on last night – after a few instances where it seemed the two would, clearly, get physical with one another – Obama looked like he absolutely should: like the Commander-in-Chief. He was forward, self-assured, confrontational and presidential in stature; no more of the lazy behavior from the first round. There was no point where I felt Romney was weak, at all, it’s just that the president landed when he needed points (and he did) and it was his night.

I have to say there were a few moments last night where Romney came across as obnoxious, and dare I say, entitled. He looked like a CEO that was being challenged in the boardroom (he clearly didn’t like it) and his face expressed his discomfort.

At this point in time most of America knows who they’re going to vote for. These debates are really geared to capture those who are undecided. The election is three weeks away and this is the final push to give those unclear of where they will lean a clear picture once they walk into the voting booth and close the curtain. Everyone registered to vote has two choices: do so or stay at home. That’s all there is to do.

Most news outlets proclaim the president to be the winner, overall, but when the debate is broken into sections Romney scored higher on the subject of the economy. To counteract that, Obama shined in areas concerning the middle-class. What does any of that even mean? We’ll find out in three weeks.

Would the race for the Oval Office even be as tight as it is predicted to be if Obama made a stronger showing a few weeks ago? Ponder that.

Next week we get treated to the third, and final, debate before the stretch run and this time there will be a clear winner. Can we just put these guys in a steel cage the next time and have it co-produced by WWE and UFC? Is it too late for that?





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