NFL: Week 4 Picks

By: Shawn Davis

So a deal got done with the real (and qualified) referees in lieu of the Green Bay Packers getting completely screwed out of a real (not replacement) game. The Packers are still holding the short end of the stick in this whole ordeal. Well the refs are back so now we can moan about the blown calls they are sure to make right? I really bombed last week, going 8-8, so I’ll try my best to suck a little more for my readers. Good?

My picks:

CLE 9 @ BAL 27:  I made up my mind and Thursday evening games aren’t in the best interests of those that have to suit up to play. It’s too quick of a turnaround – and this is the Ravens’ fourth game in 18 DAYS! Good thing they get to beat on the Browns for 60 minutes.

CAR 16 @ ATL 34: The Falcons in their dome is the chalk pick here.

NE 24 @ BUF 21: Just when the world kicked dirt on the Patriots…they travel to Buffalo and bring the Bills back a few notches.

MIN 17 @ DET 27: I like how Christian Ponder has been playing but I think the Lions will play with more urgency with the way they were beaten last week in Tennessee.

SD 27 @ KC 33: I’ll go with the Chiefs in Arrowhead. Isn’t it time for the Chargers to take their annual nap?

SEA 13 @ STL 20: Ok I’m going to be honest and say that although I feel the Seahawks may win this game, justice needs to be served for the way they won the game on MNF. I’m picking the Rams to take it to them. I hope they do, at least.

SF 20 @ NYJ 13: I have no clue about what the 49ers did last week against the Vikings. I think they just thought by simply showing up and dressing for the game they would be awarded the win. They should beat the Jets, right?

TEN 10 @ HOU 41: I really like when Andre Johnson, Matt Schaub, and Arian Foster are healthy. Sorry to say, Titans, but your bag of tricks will not work this week.

OAK 17 @ DEN 20: Yeah baby, my Super Bowl winner stays aliiiiiive.

MIA 17 @ ARI 23: The Cardinals won’t believe their own hype and fall asleep here will they?

CIN 21 @ JAC 20: The Jaguars are playing better than they did last year but the Bengals prove to be too much of a mountain to climb this week.

NO 41 @ GB 45: Weird score you say? I say “so the hell what.” This is the Desperation Bowl – where the loser will get an early start on vacation planning, strip-club touring and starring in bad commercials. I like both of these teams and in a perfect world they both recover to make the postseason but history is stacked against that happening. I feel compelled to pick a tie. How weird is it going to be to watch one of these premiere franchises playing spoiler…in October?

WSH 13 @ TB 24: Mike Shanahan has said that his quarterback is taking too many hits. Shanahan, you and your son are putting together and calling the plays, correct? The pounding of Robert Griffin continues in Tampa.

NYG 24 @ PHI 20: The Giants play better on the road while the Eagles are still trying to get out of their turnover funk. Hey Philadelphia blowhards: Nick Foles will not take you to the places Michael Vick can. Relax.

CHI 20 @ DAL 27: I’ll take the home team – as they are the lesser of two evils.

Appreciate the regular referees…before we all vilify them. It’s inevitable.

Last Week: 8-8*

Season: 30-18


*The Seattle Seahawks did not win that damn game! My ledger should be 9-7 which is still sad.


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