NFL: Week 2

By: Shawn Davis

My social life impeded on my ability to adequately devote enough time to more than a handful of games this week, seriously. The premise is simple for all my male, die-hard football junkies: women come before the remote. I had to rely on an overwhelming stream of highlights and podcasts to get a clearer picture of what I missed, not that it was work or anything.

Here goes:

DEN 21 @ ATL 27:

Three interceptions in the first eight passes of a game is not the recipe to sustained success in professional football. I am talking to you, Mr. Manning. Pundits are questioning his arm velocity, I am not. My concern was how blatant he was with his targets on Monday night. He ceased looking off defenders in favor or locking onto the direction he was going with the ball. That cannot happen…ever; that’s how turnovers happen, in bunches, at this level.

Matt Ryan improves to 27-4, lifetime, in the friendly confines of the Georgia Dome. So?

The Falcons are a team that has been good over the last four years but they’re suffering from always-being-the-bridesmaid syndrome. At this point in the franchise’s history they will be solely judged on how they produce once the knockout games begin.

DET 19 @ SF 27:

I got to view this for the entire duration and the more I watch the 49ers the more they look a step above the rest of the league. They run effectively, pass efficiently, convert third downs and we all know about the hell they cause on the defensive side of the ball. I’m not one of the talking heads to overreact to TWO WEEKS OF football but the 49ers are built for the long haul.

Alex Smith is a man gaining more confidence as he tends to be one with the offense and he expresses a calm that trickles throughout the entire roster. Something great could be brewing by the Bay.

CHI 10 @ GB 23:

In one of the featured Thursday night games that will ruin many a marriage, Charles Woodson put it best, “It’s the same old Jay (Cutler). We don’t need luck, Jay will throw us the ball…proof is in the pudding.”

What more can I say?

KC 17 @ BUF 35:

I did not see Kansas City getting whipped in this manner. The way Ryan Fitzpatrick played, combined with the fact their defense allowed the Jets to resurrect the Greatest Show on Turf, I thought the Chiefs would easily walk into New York and get the victory.

C.J. Spiller, clearly, had other plans; rushing for 123 yards with two touchdowns on 15 carries…averaging eight yards a touch! He also helped in the receiving game with 47 yards on 3 receptions. Spiller brought his full array of weapons to this contest and with Fred Jackson expected to be out for the next three contests (at least), this is an opportunity for him to open some eyes. Mine’s are!

NO 27 @ CAR 35:

Let me get my head around this one: The Saints rush for 163 yards and pass for 323, yet, they still lose? This really happened and this outcome surprised me more than any other of Week 2. I did not see the purpose in having Drew Brees attempt 49 passes when the run was working so well. Someone is missing their primary play caller, right? That cannot be it. Their interim, interim, interim, interim head coach has got a handle on things it seems. They’re not missing someone are they?

Carolina relied less on Cam Newton by allowing the running game to be the primary focus during this contest as they ended with 219 yards on the ground and kept the load off their young leader. When the Panthers focus on their ground attack, primarily, and pass secondly I see this team as a juggernaut.

CLE 27 @ CIN 34:

Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson gave their fans a glimmer of hope by making a good showing of themselves after last week’s nightmare. Weeden was clean with 322 yards (completing 26/37) with two touchdowns and NO interceptions while his draft mate tallied 109 yards on the ground with a td (and a second td that came on a 23 yard reception where I thought I was watching a video game simulation with the moves he made to get free of tackles).

They still lost though. Ohio really needs a break.

MIN 20 @ IND 23:

Andrew Luck gets a win where it counts by going 20/31 for 224 yards and two touchdowns looking all the more like a younger version of the man he was drafted to replace. He made some impressive throws on the run as well, showcasing a facet of his game that’s more associated with Robert Griffin.

I don’t see Minnesota keeping pace with Detroit, Chicago or Green Bay but you have to count moral victories in this case when Adrian Peterson plays a whole game (16 carries for 60 yards; 3 receptions for 20 yards) without coming up hurt.

HOU 27 @ JAC 7:

The Texans controlled the ball for 43 minutes. BY rule NFL games are 60 minutes in length. That is the reason they got beat by 20 points; Houston could have scored over 40 if they sustained their aggression level.

OAK 13 @ MIA 35:

Reggie Bush set a goal this season to win the rushing title. I won’t say he will – nor do I believe he’ll be able to hold up the entire season – but if he gets the dominant blocking he got against the Raiders for 10-12 games he’ll make a strong case for the hardware. His line: 26 carries for 172 yards and 2 touchdowns with an additional 25 yards receiving. I like his game because he’s a dual threat out of the backfield and in the passing attack and I hope he stays healthy because he will put up numbers…and the Dolphins may scare an opponent or six.

ARI 20 @ NE 18:

Shocking! Tom Brady was under constant pressure and looked like, well, Kevin Kolb every day he’s behind his offensive line.

New England fans actually booed, New England fans are actual tools. They just played for the Super Bowl!

TB 34 @ NYG 41:

Six total interceptions for the Manning boys this weekend. Difference? The Buccaneers couldn’t hold the momentum they controlled with the turnovers and they kept giving the ball back to Eli Manning. I’m not surprised he passed for 510 yards (and three touchdowns) but I was alarmed at how bad Tampa Bay defended in the fourth quarter by giving up 25 points…and the game.

New York fans actually booed, New York fans are actual tools. THEY JUST WON A TITLE!

BAL 23 @ PHI 24:

The National Football League makes billions of dollars per year, billions. But they’re holding a hard-line with their regular game officials over millions of dollars. Now I’m no mathematician but don’t the aforementioned numbers show this can be resolved rather swiftly? If there was one game that showed the problems these replacement referees are having it was this one. The NFL needs to figure this out, this week before any more games are played.

Joe Flacco and the Ravens got hosed on an offensive pass interference play that nullified a touchdown catch and another where Haloti Ngata appeared to cause a Michael Vick fumble (which was overturned and Vick scored on the next play) so I understand their legitimate gripes with the way the game was called. One thing though Joe, if you’re going to say you are the best quarterback playing you must drive the length of the field and WIN the game. The best do it.

DAL 7 @ SEA 27:

Hello Cowboys, behind the next door is expectations. How do you feel about that? Please, all eyes on the final score.

WAS 28 @ STL 31:

Billy Cundiff is not to blame for missing a SIXTY-TWO yard field goal. Look to Josh Morgan for any and all mockery.

NYJ 10 @ PIT 27:

Calm down Jets fans: The Steelers are the superior team. Don’t be fooled that Peyton Manning defeated them; Mark Sanchez is neither Manning at the quarterback position. Again, I do not hate the Jets but they will not be covered in-depth here, unless God instructs me to do so.

TEN 10 @ SD 38:

When someone finds Chris Johnson please come let me know; will you do that for me?

I’ll be back in a few days with better material…and more football in my system.


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