NFL: Week 2 Picks

By: Shawn Davis

I’m convinced the NFL is aiming to add to the national divorce rate by taking another day of the week away. (More on this later…)

By the time this posts I’m sure the Thursday Night Football game on the NFL Network will have been played…unless this isn’t our universe. We have the Chicago Bears visiting the Green Bay Packers who – for some reason – seem to be under “must-win” pressure. That’s idiotic! The Packers could lose the game, start 0-2, and then win 14 consecutive games. That would not surprise me at all. My issue with them – same as last year – is that they haven’t developed a consistent running threat to balance their air attack.

About the full-season slate of games on Thursday: I feel obliged to watch! Anyone that has read me knows how much I LOOOOOOVE football. I’m sad in the off-season and I even get down during the playoffs because I know my precious game is going on break. With that said, forcing me to sit in front of the television pulls focus from other programs I like to watch the same evening. Now I have to choose between the two, even though I could catch the other shows online (a day later). Additionally, it cuts into my social life, as I’m a freelancer so I usually have longer weekends. Good thing I am single but I could see wives out there going ape-shit over another night of football, I see it.

My picks:

Chicago 27 @ Green Bay 33: I like the Packers because they lost to a good 49ers team – nothing to overreact about – and the Bears will come down to earth after exploding for 41 on a weak Indianapolis Colts unit.

Kansas City 27 @ Buffalo 20: The Bills are without Fred Jackson and David Nelson; this is a loss.

Cleveland 10 @ Cincinnati 16: Was Brandon Weeden that bad last week? What about the Bengals? An AFC North dogfight that will be close but I’ll lean with Andy Dalton because he has a track record in the league.

Minnesota 17 @ Indianapolis 20: I’m going to go with Andrew Luck and the Colts dance group because I’m just nervous about Adrian Peterson’s quick recovery.

Oakland 20 @ Miami 9: I’m not sure whether the Dolphins think they’re contending for a playoff spot or not. They’re not!

Arizona 21 @ New England 37: Kevin Kolb plays well enough to justify holding the starting job for a few weeks…but he has to watch Tom Brady carve his defense mercilessly.

TB 13 @ NY Giants 20: I SOOOOOO want to pick the Buccaneers because the Giants love to stack the deck against themselves and then roll everyone at the end of the year. The home crowd gets a chance to see their team victorious on their turf.

Baltimore 17 @ Philadelphia 23: The Ravens worked over the Bengals last week to the tune of 44-13 with their new no-huddle attack. That does not hold up at Philadelphia as I see a calmer Michael Vick making two crucial plays in the second half to win this one.

New Orleans 34 @ Carolina 17: I don’t trust the Panthers secondary and they need to rein in their reliance on Cam Newton. Drew Brees will not have two bad weeks in a row. I cannot see that.

Houston 24 @ Jacksonville 13: Texans.

Washington 17 @ St. Louis 23: Robert Griffin has to come down to earth after his spectacular debut, right? Jeff Fisher gets an upfront view of the player he could have chosen to replace Sam Bradford. I like the Rams’ young, versatile front-seven to slow the momentum that Griffin has created.

Dallas 24 @ Seattle 10: Dallas starts the Super Bowl frenzy early, right? Fart! They’ll beat a determined, but green, Seahawk squad.

NY Jets 16 @ Pittsburgh 24: Darrelle Revis has been ruled out with a concussion so that leaves Antonio Cromartie to cover Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace. I’ll take the home team.

Tennessee 13 @ San Diego 27: I cannot find a reason to pick the Titans…at all.

Detroit 17 @ San Francisco 24: Calvin Johnson is hobbling (foot injury) while the 49ers are focused on erasing last year’s playoff mishap.

Denver 20 @ Atlanta 17: Until there is a reason to mention Peyton Manning’s neck, I won’t. The Falcons are tough in the confines of their dome…so is Manning in any one!


Last week: 12-4



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