Christmaaaaas…Wait! What?

By: Shawn Davis

It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiime of the yearrrrrrrrr.

Is today Christmas Eve? It’s not! Well it feels like it because the NFL season kicks off tomorrow night when the Dallas Cowboys visit New Meadowlands to face the defending-champion New York Giants – and I’m antsy like I was when my mother tried to get me to go to bed when I KNEW she was gathering presents under the tree. Waiting for hours for the inevitable seems like torture, right? Sweet, pigskin, chips, wings and bad on-field calls (replacement officials) torture though. I’m ready for it all. Are you? Once Super Bowl week comes around I always get sad because I know it’s the end of competitive football for 6 months…and the summer’s a dead time when my favorite sport is on hiatus.

This year wasn’t as bad – and I actually forgot about the NFL for two FULL weeks – because we had the amazing Summer Olympic Games from London. Side note: Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells taking shots at Lolo Jones was one (of few, I suppose) dark moments of the Games. Both women, educated, attractive and accomplished in their own right, conducted themselves like brats during prom season in their interview with Michelle Beadle (Google it) after the 100-meter hurdles final when the subject turned to Jones. I’m not going to rehash the whole episode; it’s just something that a friend mentioned to me when she was speaking about Jones. Harper and Wells should hire better marketing managers, if they don’t currently employ one, and stop blaming Jones for her appearances or broader appeal. That behavior seems beneath the two medalists in my opinion. They could have cost themselves opportunities with their little pity party.

Back to football:

Now that Eli Manning has two titles the narrative has shifted to “Is he better than his big brother?” but I think it’s too soon for that type of grand statement. But what a difference a year makes, right? Peyton Manning missing the whole season, getting cut, and now wearing that hideous orange Denver Broncos jersey; it all seems like another universe. Joe Montana wearing the Kansas City Chiefs #19 looked strange but Manning in that bright get-up, ugh, please Denver change back to blue as the default home uniform.

Tony Romo enters another season with (unwarranted) expectations in front of him as the quarterback for the Cowboys. They’ll get all the headlines, Jerry Jones’ quotes will write columns on their own (like always)…and his team will fall short of expectations (like always). I’m not dumping all over the ‘Boys here, they’re fun to watch when they’re playing well but that division is like Mortal Kombat! Sometimes I really wonder if the Giants, Cowboys, Eagles and Redskins secretly wish they were grouped in other divisions just so they have an easier path to the postseason. There’s no secret why the Giants have two titles in the last five years: surviving their NFC East counterparts is their toughest test so once the playoffs come around they have the answers already.

This is the section of the column where I put on my expert hat to make my Super Bowl pick and prediction, which is sure to blow up in my face. Oh well…Denver Broncos over the Green Bay Packers.

I know, I know; dumb pick so let the games begin.

Mom, can I open my gifts yet?

Tomorrow, son, go to bed.






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