A (NY) City Courting

By: S. Davis


Picnic in NY before the weather turns

Stare at the stars, get lost in each other’s eyes

Walk slowly, speak passionately



Complain about your day, into my ears you will

With two ears for listening I’ll understand how you feel

Relax with some wine; find comfort in a great meal

You wonder what’s false; I’ll tell you what’s real


Excitement bubbling looking to the next date


You carefully choose a dress and thus arrive late

Patient I am; no frustration


You laugh at my jokes

I pretend to do the same for yours



We like one another?

Okay, let’s go!

Dating isn’t complicated

Humans make it so


On the dance floor

Eating ice cream in the park

Watching you walk my way

Altering the rhythm of my heart


Seeing you in the morning

Hating that you’ll have to leave before dark

Meeting you somewhere if you have something to say

Resting your head on my shoulder, I smell your hair during a sure train delay


“Train traffic ahead of us” they say

We respond sarcastically

You read your magazine; I listen to music

Poetry in motion, other couples confused on how we do it


Argue over something senseless, forget the whole thing and have a great time “making up”

You say that you “miss me”

Hesitant to respond I am as I haven’t heard those words in some time

We kiss deeply and feel it travel our spines


We date and it’s so simple

We’re together because it fits


Photo: laiyla.deviantart.com





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