Just Writing

By: Shawn Davis

Disclaimer: This may, or may not, make much sense to anyone who chooses to read it. These are just some thoughts running through my mind.

I often find myself thinking about the direction of humanity. Will war ever stop? Not just tied to U.S. interests, but on a global scale? After looking at it closely I know there’s too much profit on the line for weapons manufacturers so the conclusion is a simple one. Most people, I say, want world peace but is that even logical? A terrorist to some could be a beacon of hope to others.

Will there ever be a time where race isn’t an issue? In my lifetime, I regretfully have my doubts. I would love though, just for once, a major news issue of any kind that didn’t get divided along racial lines. Playing the “race card” can be an underhanded way to advance an argument, at times, and it bothers me when it’s used only after other forms of defense have been exhausted or discredited.

Ultimately, what is the goal of the 99%? I completely understand the angst and disdain OWS has for the 1% but being a movement without a face – a tangible one – could serve as a reason to be ignored. I admire the resolve and the fight (as someone who attended in the winter of 2011) but I’m confused on where it’s all going to lead. Maybe it just clunks out like an engine over time – or it will galvanize and organize into a political party that really cares; it’s not clear. Maybe its destiny is that of a grassroots organization that rants every so soften so people are aware they still exist, barely. I hope not.

Why won’t Barack Obama stop trying to placate to the political right? It’s clear they ONLY want to see everything he’s associated with fail so why not rule until the lights go out? Republicans clearly refuse to work with him – and his administration – so why should he try to be the peacemaker? Also, how the hell can this nation even say we’re united with all the endless division at the highest level? I know this is a democracy but there’s a fundamental problem when the other dominant party operates like they have a mandate to oppose any and everything that comes from the other side? Am I seeing straight? The president should do whatever he feels and let America decide his political fate later this year.

Americans complaining about the people they elect is something else that gets to me. We vote and then moan over what’s going on – or what isn’t. If instant gratification is what you want from your government then I suggest you find a dictatorship and see how you like how policy is handed out. I hear people gripe all the time about the “promises Obama broke” and how “he let the country down.” Our system of government is NOT centralized into one, sole, person because that would funnel too much power to said individual, which could ultimately lead to tyranny.

The political machine that is Washington is vast and has been operating as its own organic life-form, regardless of who’s renting the White House for four or eight years. So Obama couldn’t change anything that the machine wouldn’t allow him to. Just think about that because it’s deeper than red and blue states, parties or campaign appeal. Washington exists in a way that a select few even get a chance to understand. Democrats and Republicans are a part of the problem, not the core one though. They get all the shit from the media and the public because we see their faces and know their names. There’s an undercurrent that most aren’t even aware of.

Why is homelessness such a problem in a country where money is abundant? There is no doubt that a good number of those in such dire straits put themselves there but that isn’t the case for the majority. Maybe I’m just that naïve. I don’t think I am; homelessness should not be as widespread as it is. There should be adequate (and affordable) housing and food for all. No one should go hungry in the United States.

Do people even care about others anymore? I’m not talking in a specific sense (as in family, friends, etc.); I’m talking in a general, but authentic way? A week ago this woman was crying on the train and everyone just stared at her. Her face was so expressive and her eyes were filled with tears to the point where her tissues were soaked. I watched her for about 10 minutes and I began to hurt; like I could, through telepathy, feel whatever was troubling her.

Now anyone that knows me can say that I’m no angel – nor do I pretend to be – but her emotional distress bothered me so much that I had to try to do something. I handed her some of the unused napkins I had in my pocket and asked her if I could help in any way. She politely declined my help but did smile when I gave her the extra napkins to wipe her pain-filled eyes. It was only when I approached her did anyone along the ride decide to take their heads away from their phones to really notice, it seemed.

What is it with people and their phones? People just text nowadays and blindly walk the streets without taking their eyes off those little screens. Who’s in control? A woman had the nerve to roll her eyes at me when I asked her if I could get by her on my way out of the train station – while a man almost got hit by a car for paying more attention to his device than to oncoming traffic. Really?

Are those who happen to be single in their mid-30’s (and later) really content? Or are they saying they’re “happy” just to save face? I consider this often and I hear a lot of women say this until they are lathered in alcoholic drinks and the truth finds its way to the surface. I date, in abundance, and I get answers that are all across the map: He needs to be taller than I am. He better work out. I want to be more important than his mom – and I need to be. He cannot hang out with his friends if I don’t like them. I’m not in a rush. I’m just too busy. He just hasn’t come along. I need someone who doesn’t want to play games. I have a short attention span and I do tend to zone out from time-to-time so I’m sure I’m missing something important in there.

Why do parents have their children involved in an overwhelming list of activities? Is it really to broaden the child’s scope or to get around parenting them? Some kids like it but I’m sure there are others that don’t and I wonder if those are the ones who grow up to hate their parents.

Will our younger generations even appreciate how easy it is for them to access information? I remember having to walk into a library and sit in the periodicals section when I had to do research in public and junior high school. What an age we live in.

How many years will it take for all the Barnes and Noble branches to shut down? This crosses my mind so often because I love the bookstore so much. With technology moving at its current pace, I feel the future for all bookstores may be to reorganize into an online mall like Amazon. That would be a bleak day because I’d have to find new places to pick up new women. Ugh! Maybe I should settle down already…yeah ok.

I often think of how close friendships morph into just mere acquaintances after some time has passed. It’s one of the most confusing and sometimes hurtful parts of adulthood but things do change and some are better equipped to handle the shift than others. It’s far more important to value the friendships that you do have than to dwell on those that have been a casualty of time or personal growth along diverse paths.

It makes me laugh when people dismiss the idea of life on other planets in our solar system. How can anyone be so arrogant to deny the possibility? I think it’s perfectly logical to think there are other life forms in other distant galaxies because I do. From what we know, we inhabit a very small section of a universe that seems to be growing and studies continuously prove that space may be without boundaries. I don’t think other beings are waiting for the perfect time to take our water, absorb our air or enslave us but I could be wrong. I truly believe that we’re not alone.

As I said in the disclaimer, these are just some of my thoughts.


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