By: S. Davis

I’m a Republican

So of course I sit here, out of touch, bitching about the other side

I rant and rave about taking the country back

Casually forgetting that right-wing policies put our nation in this mess


Facts are facts


I’m a Democrat

Pompous, entitled even

Hope and change

Short-sighted and underwhelming


I’m the Tea Party movement

Controversial and grassroots

Boisterous, belligerent

Bewildered like a toddler


I’m the Green Party

Oh wait, what am I talking about?

I’m sorry…this is NOT 2000

My fault


I’m Independent

I vote left and I think right or…

I vote right and think left

Maybe I’m just a flake


The status quo needs to be changed

The way things have “always been done”

You know what?

That just isn’t cutting it anymore – at any level


You really want change?

Vote Republican

Hooray, hooray, right?

2000-2008 were not full of sunshine and cotton candy


Not good enough?

Vote Democrat

But change never came like it was promised to us

Four years cannot erase 8; theRoman Empirewas built over time


I could be wrong

I’m not wrong, I’m just Republican


Let’s argue, let’s fight

“You’re wrong and I’m right!”

I’m ready and set – I never saw a car I couldn’t get

Has anyone seen my Etch A Sketch?


Step into the booth

Sensory overload

But I vote from the middle

Yet stand for nothing


Romney: (walking into his country club) Pick me!

Santorum: (talking himself to sleep) I’m the guy!

Gingrich: (yelling but oblivious to this) WE HAVE TO TAKE AMERICA BACK!

Obama: (frustratingly reserved) I’m the best candidate to lead our nation.


Politicians make me cringe

Every single one

They talk…all the time

Gain power…and become occupied with retaining it


America is confused

Voters make noise yet where is the consensus?

There is nothing

Nothing but NOISE


Since I’m Republican I’m going to vehemently oppose anything the other side does

“We’re going to oppose the president on all issues!”

They should make that an official motto

You call this government “united?”


Of course I’m a Democrat though

Can’t you see how passive I am?

How I keep bending over?

It’s egregious!


Where is the United States?

It cannot be within these borders

These pillars are weak

These parties are transient and outdated


Barack Obama

Educated and resourceful

President of the United States of America

The wrong time to sit in the Oval Office with his skin color

I said it!


I felt my country was progressive enough for it

I’m so sad that isn’t the case

It’s all about the politics; this has nothing to do with race

It’s not all about politics


Look in the mirror

Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party, Independents and whoever else wants to be heard

You all fall short

America crumbles as you fawn over the reflection


Occupy Wall Street

Organize and legitimize

Camping out is the beginning; move past that

What’s the ultimate plan?


I am a politician and I care about my people

Elect me, I’ll show you

Special-interest overwhelming

Campaign promises eviscerated


What happened?


President Obama,

Stop placating to those whose only purpose is to bring you to your knees

Disgrace you and laugh in your face

To hell with them, wield the power you have

They’re going to hate you either way


YOU occupy the White House

It’s time you act like it


Don’t make a mockery of our nation

Don’t defecate on our soldiers’ willing sacrifice

Don’t flaunt your affluence when most cannot pay for food



Where will you take us politicians?

More war, financial ruin, a former world power struggling for relevancy

Where will you lead us?

What are the other options?


Are there other options?


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