By: Shawn Davis


New York Giants 21 vs. New England Patriots 17

My pick: I believe it’s going to be a close affair, especially since the schizophrenic Giants are involved. Patriots…and I bet it’s by a field-goal. Ugh. Enjoy everyone and good luck making it to school or work on time. Why isn’t Super Bowl Monday a holiday – or why doesn’t the league try the game on a Saturday?

GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNN! You see the pick above and I’m GLAD that I was wrong. Watching the Patriots get the ball back with a minute to go was one of the scariest few minutes of my (sports) life. I just felt they were going to find a way to get into the end zone to win this game. I didn’t pick against the Giants because I didn’t believe (mind you I picked them to win in every playoff game this postseason – it’s just that the Patriots worry me). I went with the Patriots because they’ve won three Super Bowls the last few years (honestly though, if the Rams would have beaten them ten years ago I wouldn’t hate them…probably).

In my opinion it wasn’t the most exciting game – because there were times I was dozing off (I think it was the wings and macaroni salad) – but it was great theatre in the fourth quarter. The game had its peaks and valleys, for sure, but it was a worthy watch. As the game wore on and it seemed the Patriots would try to blow it open once they got up 17-9, I was shocked the Patriots were so deliberate in their offensive scheme. Did they even go to a no-huddle? Not that I can remember.

The Giants pass rush was a key in this game and they did produce in spots but Tom Brady had ample time for most of the contest. The rush was present but by no means was it dominant like it was throughout the playoffs. I also was a bit astounded that the Giants ball carriers kept getting stripped of the ball BUT they recovered all the ones that counted. The one recovery New England made – was when they had 12 players on the field. That’s not in-line with the rulebook; that’s one player too many on the field guys. Ha! Possession right back to the G-Men!

Wes Welker. As much as the Patriots have broken my heart (damn you, Rams) I do respect and even like some of their players so to see Welker unable to hold that pass from Brady was a little disheartening. I hope that play isn’t a future indictment of him because he’s one hell of a receiver. The catch was one he’s made over one-hundred times and just to be clear: Brady could have (and should have) taken just a little steam off the ball. I think he put the pass there for two reasons: first, he trusts Welker’s ability – because he’s made that catch – and lastly, if he under throws it too much Kenny Phillips can square up and annihilate his receiver. The Giants had their coverage mixed up so if the ball reaches Welker in stride it’s either a first down inside the 20-yard line or maybe even a touchdown. I’m sure both players are reliving it…over and over again. The off-season will be a long one.

New York, baby! I just had to get that out.

It feels great to say that with the way teams in Boston have been killing us in all sports over the last decade – and flaunting their titles in OUR faces…this feels good. I have just about lost all hope for the Mets so I’m happy the Giants could bring this one back to the greatest city in the world. Ok, I’m getting emotional but this is one of the best days to be a native New Yorker.

Now I honestly think that if Rob Gronkowski was healthier, this game is completely different; not a single doubt in my mind. I think the predictions of a higher scoring game would have come to fruition…and it would have been exciting. That was the type of game I wanted to see but I knew without him it would be a close affair.

I’m very happy the front-office didn’t move to fire head-coach Tom Coughlin. I’ve always liked the grumpy guy and it’s good to see a team stay with someone amid some rough seasons. Continuity breeds results; I truly believe that. Someone please get that memo out to the teams that change coaches like socks.

At this point, I want to take this time to thank everyone that’s read my work over this season and I hope it was informative, although eccentric at times. I’ll find something of note to publish to the masses over the time the NFL is on hiatus (and I’m in the fetal position until August). I am sure though that booze, food and women will help me make the trek to the fall.

Thank you.




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