Contemplating Why

By: Shawn Davis


We all do it. We contemplate why all the time and I’m no different. These are some of why’s in my life: Why is Los Angeles the only city – and I’ve traveled to cities all over the world – that doesn’t make me yearn to return to NYC? Why does the woman who I could dedicate some real time to…live in Europe? Why does the heat in my apartment activate when it’s not needed?

I’ve been ducking a certain topic that I cannot seem to overlook anymore (as much as I’ve tried). It’s directly relative to politics, the future of this country and the 2012 presidential race. We all know who’s in charge – for now at least – and the field on the opposing side has taken shape for the Republicans. As it currently stands, Newt Gingrich seems to be the early favorite for the Republican Party nomination – of course this could change rapidly – by overtaking Mitt Romney.

Why Gingrich? I don’t see it.

Mind you, I’m a registered Democrat but I’m not blindly loyal to ANY ideology because I have voted across party lines. I look for the best candidate because – no matter the side of the fence – they’re American at the end of all the political posturing, right? I say that so whatever’s written after this won’t come across as bashing one party to uphold another. I’m not that guy. I just don’t see the appeal of Mr. Gingrich if he opposes Barack Obama in the presidential race – and I doubt he wins.

I figured Michelle Bachman would have more support but she’s to be falling to the back of the pack. She’s been fodder for comedians for some of the enlightening quotes she’s given our country. I’ll tell you this: when she talks, I feel even more intelligent than I think I am. She makes me feel warm inside! Herman Cain is akin to a bad comedy sketch BUT he’s unaware of the joke, while Rick Perry is as animated as a Pixar creation.

Time helps perspective in almost every case. I say that because I can see the appeal that George W. Bush probably held back in 2000 (and in ’04). Now I voted for Gore and abstained from going to the polls in 2004 for a myriad of reasons but that’s a different story. Bush had the lineage (insert all jokes now) and came across as a guy you’d meet at a Texas barbecue telling bad jokes and then laughing with his shoulders the peculiar way he does. Also, if you’re talking to the guy you would probably feel that you were the smarter one in the conversation due to the fact that his personality is unassuming. Add that mix to the fact that Republicans were up-in-arms over Gore being an extension of the Clinton era for another four years and it makes a little sense, right? Progress be damned; politics make me sick!

I honestly felt that if Sarah Palin declared her intentions to run for the highest office, Obama would have a fight on his hands. Say what you want about her, she has a following and although she’s a lightning rod, she has sway. In this arena, sway directly translates into votes. She has an innate ability to excite and rally but Obama would hurt her chances in a debate. With the way things are faring with the economy, the two wars we’re still engaged in, the backlash against big government and an overall anti-incumbent shift in both parties, Obama can be had and regardless of what Democrats proclaim – he is vulnerable.

Gingrich has stated on a few occasions that if Obama remains in office the country “will continue on its way down.” Ok so what’s the defense on him being handed massive debt and wars from the previous administration? Like always there isn’t any. It’s funny to me because if he were to win the presidency and isn’t able to reverse the trend – so to speak – his move will be to blame the previous administration. Has there been a president that hasn’t stooped to this gutless tactic when things are tough?

Obama has lost some of the luster he had in 2008 but I’ve said on a few different occasions there is no one person that could fix this country in a brief, four-year term. Some of his policies deserve the criticism they’ve received and his stance on deportation is absolutely appalling. The best hope for Obama’s second term (if he wins) is to halt the avalanche to a level position so the next president can turn the tide. It wouldn’t matter if Oprah Winfrey, Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne won the office in 2008 because it took eight years for our country to slide – yet it might take twice the time to fix it.

Any takers for this job? Gingrich is gearing to fight for it; but why does the political-right want it to be him?


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