Without Mention

By: S. Davis

I didn’t go anywhere

I’m just not popular anymore – often overlooked

I’m around

When you’re in lust, searching for euphoria

A respite of sorts

Come to me

Black, White or Brown; come one, come all

I am here for you

Even when you least expect it

Uncertain that I’m in your presence


I will pull you in

Disappear…and make a grand entrance

Ruin your life

Wilt away your mother

Take your child from you

Eviscerate your future

Bring you to your knees; make you an outcast

Scar your body, sap your strength

Wipe out a village

Empires fall and I exist to pillage

A riddle without a solution

Human nature won’t allow it

Defiant you are, I see

Yet I will you to your knees

But please, do resist

It makes my inevitable triumph just that…


I go by a few names – and they make me cringe

Take my word, I am not pneumonia

Trying to damper the shock and cloak me in disrespect

I’ll give you the name I favor above all others…

My brother, HIV, hurts you


I kill

I have no intention to leave; I just wanted to make that clear.


2 thoughts on “Without Mention

  1. sunnydelyte21 December 3, 2011 / 9:49 pm

    Great poem…..

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