By: S. Davis


I’m being called away and I can’t turn back

“Here” isn’t what it should be, no denying the fact

Bright, sunny, clean, new

Subdued, cheerless, feculent, archaic


You hear it?


It’s there…and for me

Your eyes clearly deceive for the brain transmits the image

“It’s here and this is the way.”

Your way


Ever so slightly, open your ears.


Mist forms in concert with the precipitation beating on my soul

Struggling for clarity

Palpitations slow and undisturbed

However, transient


On the horizon


Breathing matters not if the vessel rests agitated

Body stationed

Mind awakened

Time exists for what, exactly?



I say what I please but never-mind that

No heart, no sound…it doesn’t matter what we say

It is just living

It is just this way


It’s there


You’re talking

“There” my heart is…

I want to be

Home holds




Where to turn?

Solution is here and the journey is ahead

Nourishment, Spirituality, Nirvana

Starved, Temporal, Benighted




Culmination of thought

Anger in silence


There’s a limit to this




Lightning beckons

The dark settles, calming

Wind reigns, settling

Tears trickle, saddening


Looking for direction


Hope is of no use

Faith exists

I have strength

I have will




Justify your position

I exude confidence in mine

Silence, enraging

Infinite, time, is not




One option above all others

“Here” is fruitless, the hold…suffocating


My focus, resolute, existing elsewhere


Another place.




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