NFL: Week 7

By: Shawn Davis

Sunday was a tough night – especially for the Colts and their fans – to watch the game that was televised so I flipped to the World Series. There was no way I was going to hang in for the whole game while the Saints were running circles around the Colts. Listen, the final score was 62-7 in favor of New Orleans and it, honestly, was worse than that. Had Indianapolis mounted a brief sign of life, the Saints would’ve scored 100 points! Remember…this is not a basketball game, well neither is the NBA (I just had to do it).

Is it really this bad?

Over the last few weeks I’ve done a game-by-game rundown and added some perspective on the contest but I’m deviating this week. Why? There were some games that aren’t worth speaking about – and I didn’t have time to go over some key moments of those contests – so this will (should) be more concise than previous pieces. I’ll drop the scores below and add my expertise in an over-arching manner (don’t laugh):

IND 7 @ NO 62, STL 7 @ DAL 34, GB 33 @ MINN 27, KC 28 @ OAK 0, PIT 32 @ ARI 20, ATL 23 @ DET 16, HOU 41 @ TEN 7, DEN 18 @ MIA 15, SD 21 @ NYJ 27, CHI 24 @ TB 18 (in London), WSH 20 @ CAR 33, SEA 3 @ CLE 6, BAL 7 @ JAC 12

The Seahawks and Browns combined to score NINE total points in their game. This is the worse game of the year…by far. The quarterbacks played poorly, both lines followed suit and it was a lesson in ineptitude. By contrast, in game 3 of the World Series, the Cardinals and Rangers combined for 23 runs…in a baseball game. Which would you rather have seen? Pujols added to his legacy Saturday night by hitting three, yeah three, homers in one game, joining Reggie Jackson and that Babe Ruth guy as the list of players to do it. Exclusive? You think!

Wait this isn’t a baseball column, is it? I’m working on two hours sleep and I need something to eat so give me a minute to come back. I’m back!

The Colts are going to need an exorcism to get the stink off them. I thought they were better than they’ve shown but the Saints proved otherwise, right? Peyton Manning is making a case for the MVP award without taking a SINGLE snap this season. I feel that the defense has just given in; I mean they have no fight in them and the Cover 2 defense has to be scrapped for now. At least the Saints gave me a victory in my pick-league…and I’ll take it because I lost so many games thanks to the Jets, Chiefs, Lions, TITANS, Dolphins, and Buccaneers urinating on themselves. Thanks guys, I appreciate the effort.

The Raiders didn’t score a point; they got a zero hung on their heads by a depleted Chiefs team but they have Kyle Boller, right? Oh, and they traded for Carson Palmer but fret not Raider Nation as you have next week off to feed Palmer a considerable amount of the playbook and McFadden can rest his right foot. It’s not that bad! Look at it this way: You could be a Colt fan. See?

Dallas slaughtered the Rams and the Titans absolutely fell asleep at the wheel against the Texans. Count me as one of the Texans’ detractors (and I like their team) because I thought they weren’t ready for the “next step” and the injuries to Andre Johnson and Mario Williams, I felt, would be too huge to overcome in a crucial division game but as they proved, I should shut up.

Pittsburgh continues to beat teams up and just chug along like the Steelers usually do.Arizonatried to hang in there but the Steelers proved too tough to overcome and I just love how Roethlisberger evades tackles to make killer throws downfield to Mike Wallace, who had a 95-yard touchdown catch. The Steelers are keeping me alive in my league and I’m happy that they’re being overlooked, ever so slightly, by talking TV heads. I’m with you Big Ben.

The Dolphins are painful to watch. I picked them – and they lost. NFL contests are 60 minutes in length and the Broncos played for the last eight, while Miami thought 52 minutes was the ballgame! Andrew Luck should start looking for property in South Florida, like yesterday! Tebow played bad for the majority, was clutch as it was closing and got the “w”. Say whatever you want but he made the necessary plays to win and I’m not sure if he’ll be a franchise quarterback – or even a good one – but HE MAKES PLAYS. No one can argue that!

Is Mike Martz being held somewhere and the Bears’ brass successfully cloned him? They kept the attack focused around Matt Forte (as they should) when I thought they’d go back to the elaborate passing routes to get Cutler running for his life – and cursing at Martz, which has to be great for team building.

A huge “thanks” to the Ravens offense for costing me two games in my pick-league this year. I was looking at this game occasionally – while watching game 5 of the World Series – before forgetting that it was on as it was not a pretty sight. It was only before I turned in for the night and looked at the scores on my phone did I know the final outcome. Flacco has regressed in a way that if he isn’t completing the deep pass, he seems lost. That’s why the games are played, right? There clearly are no favorites unless you’re the Packers or you happen to be the team that’s playing the Colts.

Christian Ponder put together a good opening drive against the defending champs and played ok (13/32, 219yds, 2tds/2ints) but well enough that McNabb will be earning his pay from the Vikings as a mentor only. His playing days in that jersey are done and maybe in all others in the NFL. Football loves no one!

I’ll be gracing your eyes next week with the Week 8 overview since we’ve quickly arrived at the seasons’ halfway point. The Jets get too much coverage so i’ll pass…but stay classy San Diego.


Photo: Peyton Manning;


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