It’s Her

By: S. Davis

Here I am.

See what you have, do you not?

Be mindful – you should be – as it’s within your reach

Cherished it should be as jubilance is transient

When it’s there, when it’s there

Encouraging, understanding

As day leads to night

Hoping, loving

Fueling you through life

Her voice, so calming

Invigorating throughout

Confidently waiting

Patience paramount

Value, priceless

Charms, trinkets, currency falls far short

Bid as you may

Futile an enterprise, be bought she can not

Crumbling you are

Unable to shoulder the load

Then she gives you the look

And inflates your soul

Her ways charge your will

She grabs for your hand

You yearn for her presence

She understands

Intoxicating her scent

Inviting, it is

She gives you her heart

You’d die to protect her, you’ll fight to the end

She speaks her mind

Eloquently she does

Her position shines through

And you join in her cause

Down you may feel

Her love for you uplifting

Her passion is real

She’s there due to divine gifting

Her hair and her neck

The small of her back

Her smile, her eyes

Her legs and her thighs

Yours completely

Her loyalty, true

She gives you all she has

And expects no less from you

By your side, she’ll walk

Neither in front or behind

As she is your equal

And so difficult to find

Have her you do

Have her you must

Or all else disintegrates

Cloaked in dust

You have her

You hold her

Place no one above

Make her feel desired through passionate love

There will be imposters

Posing to be her

But the veil will be lifted

Fortifying your search

She will be there waiting

Her soul for no other

Many will attempt to win her

She stands for one, her one, true, lover

Mountains, fire

No matter what obstacles clutter my way

I will, I will find her

To sooth my restless days

She’s out there

Positive of this I am

Find her I will

I must, I must

She is there

And if she’s yours, consider yourself blessed

I have not found mine

Until then…I shall not rest



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