NBA Finals: Ready for Game 3?

By: Shawn Davis

Off to Dallas for Game 3…and another exciting game.

Have you managed to catch your breath? Did you grab a bite to eat and get a drink? I didn’t! The 4th quarter of game 2 was such a rollercoaster ride that I forgot I left a lovely lady holding on the phone, ha. The Heat turned bad passes into drills on a layup line with superior passing – at that point – and great shooting. For many, after Dwyane Wade hit that dagger of a 3-pointer in the midst of Dallas’ bench, turning off the television was probably a popular theme. And if they did? Bad move.

After watching the Mavericks this playoffs I knew they had the ability to come back but the Heat seemed to be in a zone that would give them a 2-0 lead and initial control of the series. Now I have to say that Wade’s celebration was overblown but whatever you can use to light your competitive fire, you use. I thought that holding the shot pose after the ball splashed through the net was a few seconds too long but is there a team that doesn’t do that in a big spot?

It was accentuated due to the fact that the Heat has been such a polarizing team and whatever they do is going to be scrutinized. In any case the Mavericks stormed back as Miami decided to take quick (and idiotic) shots early in the shot-clock, while their opponents were surgical on the other end with their offensive attack. Nowitzki continued his dominance of this postseason and managed to get a series split before going home for the next 3 games.

What’s next? Well we’re in store for a long, exciting series and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Funny how the experts aren’t giving the Mavs full credit by stating that the Heat gave Game 2 away, what? No, the Mavericks TOOK the game because Miami acted as if the outcome was already decided. Wade and James led their team to a series opening win and many were predicting a sweep. Everyone needs to calm down, keep their mouths shut and enjoy each game for what it is….ONE GAME.

Dallas doesn’t get the credit for having a complete team because everyone is looking for the big story (and shiny prize) that is Wade and James – and I get that but I felt the Mavericks could compete. Why? There isn’t anyone in the league that can guard Nowitzki, especially when he’s playing this way, Terry won’t wilt under the pressure (or from facing Wade) and Marion’s versatility on both ends of the floor can help balance the scales for his squad and they’re not intimidated by dunks and chest-pounding. Also, when they aren’t making careless turnovers to beat themselves, their offensive efficiency hits a level Miami cannot keep pace with.

There’s a reason they want to keep the games low-scoring. Once the Mavs hit triple digits, Miami knows their chances of winning evaporate. Dallas’ role-players are guys –that when playing well – can get 20+ points whereas Miami’s other pieces (outside of their top 3) aren’t going to score in bunches.

Are you ready for game 3? Make sure to watch until the end or you may miss something and make sure to tell the other person on the phone that you’ll call them back.



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