By: S. Davis

No cause for concern

This is my fight and mines alone

Although the exit is alluring…I have to admit

A look to a dark place

An aura so thick, so potent, so real

And there it is…quiet

Watching, waiting…patiently

I know your presence as I’d be foolish to turn my back to you

As you’d be foolish to underestimate me

An expression of caution or…courage even

Behind me you’ll stay as I acknowledge your power

But you will not take me over

My resolve, solid, no space to penetrate

Faults, I have many…

One of the reasons why I’m here

A glance in the mirror, the reflection is clear

A stalemate

Weary is the road

Redemption is process

Not achieved in a single step

…or bold proclamations

You are there

I am here

I’m fully aware

I will not waver

…not to be deterred

If you come from behind

And stare me face-to-face

Turn my back to you, I will not

Standing firm, the only defense

You no longer matter

As I am past this…


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