Easy…as ABC!

By: Shawn Davis

When you do or say something you should be able to have the character to stand by it, right? It’s simple and we all were taught to do this not too long after learning the alphabet…well at least you should have been.

Be accountable for the things you say (and do). Sarah Palin is under scrutiny over the map she put out – in March ’10 – that targeted Arizona. Of course this is all in lieu of the tragic shootings which included Congresswoman Giffords and the death of 9 year-old Christina Taylor-Green (there were others who were wounded and killed and they are no less important).  The map in question was listed on Palin’s website and had crosshair insignias across the country, while targeting Giffords’ congressional district, and naming her directly. This was done to highlight the Democrats who voted for Obama’s healthcare plan. Bad taste? Yup. Although they aren’t connected, it’s been the subject of hot debate because of Palin’s reaction.

Instead of admitting the fault or just owning up the callous nature of the map, she decided to deflect (as politicians do) while blaming her political team for not moving to take it down. More glaringly, she’s decided to play the victim in order to make it seem like Democrats have targeted her for a witch hunt. Any time there’s a chance for political blame, one way or another, you have to use it right? Ugh! The fact that people are disillusioned by those elected to office – or those grasping for a seat – is further cemented by this circus.

Posting of the map was reckless, then, and it’s just senseless now. She’s said that “journalists and pundits” viewing her critically by bringing attention to the map will “cause hatred and violence.” Huh…all this with no apology?

Just apologize. If you get stuck, the ABC’s are a tried and true reference source.

Photo property of The Associated Press


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