Thank You

By: S. Davis

Here we stand

Has the shift truly taken form?

Or is it a dream?

Equality is the goal

Where old world thinking is suffocated from having a say

Progressive thinking, it’s been proven, can be the only way

A shift takes centuries, decades…

Time has to take its course

We have to live together

Democrat, Republican…it’s no concern to me

Black, White, Purple, Green….are just colors to see

I view through color-free lenses

Letting character shift my focus

Thank you Dr. King for shifting ideologies – that for sheer ignorance

Had us infinitely associated with plantations, cotton fields and servitude

I love the United States


I’m more in love in what this country, this world, can become

Our country…our world

And I’m not saying “our” because I’m African-American

But because I have a genuine kinship, love and respect for those who are accepting,

Welcoming, giving and nurturing to those who are different

I appreciate you Dr. King for being the manifestation of hope realized

The epitome of an advanced human being

You represent the potential in all of us.


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