House of Republicans

By: Shawn Davis

I’m a Republican! There I said it; whew…a big weight has been lifted off my chest now. Or am I Democrat, a Tea Party follower, Independent, or a Green Party member? With all these groups one’s political identification can be a bit confusing, right? Last time I checked we were all American, and I’m a registered Democrat (you have to admit that I had you at the opening; close your mouth now).

Usually I tend to stay clear of political issues as finding a proper to a conclusion to a piece, article, rant, etc, seems to elude me. This time I have no care about finding a harmonious closing to this so let’s go.

Come on in!

Election Day was a tough one if you happened to be a card-carrying member of the Democratic Party as control of the House was wrestled away from them and even though they retained their majority in the Senate, it wasn’t a day to stand and cheer for anything. Political “experts” spoke of “change” coming to Washington and spoke of the current administration in less-than-savory terms. President Obama is getting all the arrows pointed his way – and he should – as he is the man elected to occupy the highest office. Criticism is one thing, attacks are another, and Republicans pounced.

It’s funny how Republicans forget that the previous administration laid the groundwork for the country to be in this mess in the first place. The policies of George W. Bush weren’t going to be able to be swept under the rug because someone, eventually, has to clean that part of room, so to speak. “The first bailout of our financial sector was put in place by the Bush Administration while he was on his way out the door,” said Andrea Mitchell, political analyst for NBC news.

There’s no arguing that Bush knew he had to have something in place to keep the country from complete ruin and what happened? Obama had to be the one to take the keys from the last driver of the vehicle and step on the gas. What else was he supposed to do? Any president following Bush was going to have it tough whether they be a Democrat, Republican, Martian or even Clark Kent. No east fix was going to be there to save the economy.

Bailout No.1 was inherited, with no way to overturn what was signed and soon to be passed. Well then what about the automotive bailout that Obama dove into? What other recourse was there? Imagine the vitriol that would come from political right if Obama let our auto industry dissolve into thin air. The right is about “free market” and less government oversight but had the president resigned to sit back then the American auto “market” would have gone the way of the t-rex.  Republicans would have cried over that too.

“Obama’s spending too much” is common on the right but what other choice is there? Why was he forced to write checks to begin with? Because Republicans screwed up the last time they were in control! (Stay calm, S.) It’s funny how this all the fault of the political left.

Healthcare is where this president has gotten – and will continually receive – the hits. This is where blame cannot be placed because this was his agenda and he owns it completely, he does. The way it was formed, written and ultimately legislated is on Obama – and will be – forever. I understand that the most powerful country in the world should have a comprehensive healthcare program but what happened to the bi-partisan support he and Biden fought for? It wasn’t there and the few Republicans that were thought to stand with the White House jumped ship out of fear for their political viability in the future. Not to make light of any of this but all political parties (namely the two that matter) are no different from Jedi and Sith in that “All those who gain power are afraid to lose it.” – Palpatine

The two-party system stinks, horribly. I never understood it as kid and I don’t as an adult. It’s about the “party”, the “agendas” and “getting control of the government” to just block progress and fight among one another while making promises to the masses, kissing babies, talking to Oprah,  and serving ice cream around re-election time to get back in the cushy seats. It makes me want to scream and it served as the impetus earlier this decade that really had me considering moving to another country because my heart was breaking here.

People are voting through emotion and I understand that but patience is a virtue (as they say). Did this country just give Democrats only two years before they rushed back to hand Republicans more power? Yup. We all saw it. Too many voters got caught up in the Obama-as-Superman hype and once the luster dulled a bit people where looking for something new. Reacting in that manner stunts progress, I don’t care who you are or what you believe in. On the night he officially was declared president he said that there would be no quick fix and that Americans would have to be patient, I remember him saying those words. Was I the only one who heard that?

In the 2004 presidential races there was a groundswell of support for John Kerry on the basis that he could get us out of the wars that Bush got the country into. I, as a Democrat felt that Bush should remain in office to clean up the mess in the best way he could because I didn’t care about the label of being a Democrat, I’m an American first and foremost. I love this country and always want what’s in the best interest of those who call America home and protect it.

Obama is being vilified for reneging on all the promises of his campaign and I don’t think that’s the view to have. The thing that had to sober Obama was that his rallying cries of “Yes we can” and “Change” became punch lines once he got to Washington and witnessed how the machine ran, up close. He challenged lobbyists, special interest groups (across all party lines) and those with their own agendas as a candidate for office but came to realize that those are the pillars of Washington and found himself having to use them for his agendas to be pushed through as president. So you see it’s not that he went against his word, it’s just that politics work in ways that can overwhelm even the most noble of intentions. There’s a reason why taking up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue isn’t for the weak nor is it for those seeking popularity.

Listen, I’m African-American, but I’m no Obama apologist,  I voted for him but I didn’t delude myself to think he was going to save the world and voters shouldn’t be that naïve, but sadly, the majority of them were, I’m afraid. That’s why there were so many sweeping changes on Nov 2nd.

The criticisms of him have come across as profoundly vicious and as a Black person I choose NOT to play the race card even though many of those in my life feel it’s a witch-hunt for him because he happens to possess African roots. I TRY to look the other way. Also, it’s too easy to go there. We have progressed as a country, right? I mean I just have to believe that some of these Republicans aren’t calling him THE WORD behind his back. Not too long ago I watched the Frontline documentary, “Obama’s Deal” and there was a Tea Party rally where a man compared Obama to Hitler. People are aware enough to know how heinous a person Hitler was and yet this man compared Obama to him, saying they are “one in the same.” I’m above that type of rhetoric it’s pointless and I’m not looking for that. I want the country to be for everyone, not just for political groups. It has to be about making America better without all this political pandering and back-scratching.

Obama has to look in the mirror because there was loud change in the nation’s capital as the votes proved. Voting is the easy part; will the public be patient though as it pertains to results? Seeing the outcome from last week, I don’t think so.

We’re definitely going to see.

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