On this day

By: Shawn Davis

photo: flagamerican.net

Funny concept, time is


Calm comfortable day shifts to cold windy night.

Confidence and hope into despair and plight.

Time…there never seems to be enough

Hair, full of color, now dull and shades of gray

Belief in nothing morphs into deep thought and prayer

From first steps to first kiss, then off to college

Making you proud with a thirst for knowledge

The sun rises and you vigorously get on to your day; sunset, tired, the day gave too much to take any more

Rookie will be the veteran as they ascend the ladder

Pushed to the side, they will be, because the new blood matters


So anxious for the event then it passes so swiftly

Be sure to enjoy youth as it ends all too quickly

Running with vigor; spry in your teens

Gasping, reserved in your 40’s, hands clasping the knees

Nervous to make the call as she finally gives you her number

“Does she like me?” you ask yourself

You hear that she rings you – you jump from your slumber

Confirms it, she does, and your heart slowly melts

Exhilarating as it begins

Surprisingly, communication deteriorates, tensions exacerbate and you wonder about your last resort

The worrying and fighting; consumed with the end

Most love isn’t everlasting, I’m sorry to report

Cherish that loved one as they walk out that door; let go of grudges, make amends to heal sores

On the 10th we had towers and the 11th they were no more.

God Bless America and ALL of its citizens.


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