By: S. Davis

Did we lose each other? Or did I lose her? I feel like I’m the one that lost,

I can’t break away – can’t move on and I have tried,

Been on a few dates, sampled some, yet still my heart,

Consumed by her STILL…”It takes time” is what everyone says but this feels permanent,

It’s been over a year now – yet it doesn’t seem to matter,

I want to hold her, watch her dress, smell her hair, listen to her laugh, gaze while she sleeps, go with her shopping, breathe her perfume, watch her walk, undress……

And make love to her.

This is overwhelming and it’s never a thought or two away from front page on the brain. I left because she

Stopped being appreciative, we reunited because we had to work it out,

But she went back to her prior behavior so I just shut down,

Went through the motions and played the part while she thought I was hers; apathy in the highest form while she continued to dig her hole.

Playing the game got tired then the END really came, “Really, like this?” I thought while looking to heaven….

…but I did pray for a definitive end, an answer…either way, and it came, it came.

The things we said, the looks we exchanged could have killed us both but we kept on, kept on. We’ve fought before but the venom was potent and our most undesirable traits deleted reason. We had a past, we have no present and no possible future….and yet my heart, it burns for…it won’t let go.

Did she lose me? Did we lose each other? Did I lose her? I just feel lost.

Reconciling a Love lost.


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